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Welcome to Nihil Ultra Consultants

Nihil Ultra Consultants: A leading Project & Finance Consulting Group promoted and managed by very young and dynamic professionals having exceptional knowledge of various Industrial fields & financial theories and its application models. We believe in our operating philosophy that the key to our business is the best of services which will result in complete satisfaction of our clients.

We guide you to make the best out of our applications by providing customizable, project-based consulting to help our customers exploit the full potential of Nihil Ultra Consultants financial applications and business intelligence.

Nihil Ultra Consultants support staff includes senior Professionals with graduate degrees in engineering, law, mathematics, finance, and information technology; from the financial consulting industry with tons of experience under the belt; practitioners from the tax, law and advanced technology industries; and a real understanding of how to best leverage project based solutions and financial research.

Financial managers use our products analyze complex data, identify trends, create forecasts, measure risk, develop investment strategies, calculate prices, determine expected returns, and assess and mitigate risk exposure.

As an add on, Mr. Mayank Bajoria is also one of the Empanelled Financial Consultants for Standard Chartered Bank, ING Vysya Bank which has helped him to go through the multiple channels of working environment and thorough knowledge of the various states of Financial implications and its steps. His presence and contribution will always help to struck time bound deals. He is also a Practicing Chartered Accountant and a thorough veteran of financial field.

We – An inspiring workplace!

We have assembled over the past one decade a team of remarkable breadth and depth, based in a uniquely productive intellectual environment, the city state of Kolkata: we have the opportunity to attend each month the many conferences organized around themes ranging from Project analysis to arrangement of Debt finance. Corporate restructuring, we value teamwork: by using our collective resources and knowledge we built this company.

We reward excellence, recognize achievements, celebrate our champions, and share success.

We create an enjoyable, vibrant, participatory, and rational work environment that nurtures individual growth, empowerment, and responsibility.

We celebrate diversity – of experiences, cultures, and ethnicity – as the best way to understand the world, ourselves and adapt and keep competitive in today’s shifting business landscape.

We do not follow the trends of the day or changing market conditions: we are not looking for quick flips, but for creating long-lasting value, trusted business partnerships, and sound business.

We strive for excellence and relentlessly pursue continuous personal and organizational improvement: as we deliver decision-support tools to portfolio managers at financial institutions, we leave no space for quick fixes, patches, fix-it-later’s, sub-optimal algorithms and about-right answers.

We care about our customers and we depend on their trust: so we conduct ourselves with uncompromising integrity and honesty as individuals, as teams, and as a company.

Enduring credibility with the financial market is the pillar of our growth and cardinal to our long-term growth and to our business relationships.

Deepak Kumar is the Managing Director and founder member of the Company.

He is a Commerce Graduate and has nearly Seven years of varied experience in corporate advisory, structured finance and Project Consultancy;

being the founder of Nihil Ultra Consultants, his vision is to create a Global presence and build the distribution strength of Nihil Ultra Consultants and pull the available resources for his diversified chain of clients;

Mr. Mayank Bajoria, a member of the Board of Directors of the Company.

He is a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI);

He is also a member of The Institute of Company Secretary of India

He is a Commerce graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, India;

He has nearly Five years of experience in Project & Finance Consultancy, Financial & capital markets intermediation, Taxation and has a wide cross section of market relationships;

He always had a dream to make a world class consulting organization which will convert Client’s vision into reality and achieve their unaccomplished goals through our services.