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Business Loan

Project finance is an innovative financing technique. It is commonly used to fund large scale projects. It is fast catching up as a preferred option for conventional financing. More and more businesses are opting for project finance. We offer a wide range of project finance services to assist our clients. We care about the long term financial needs of our clients. We care about their productivity and business growth. We want to maximizes their leverage and ensure better tax treatment. Now you can focus on your core business while leaving your financial worries to us. Why waste time worrying about arrangement of finances when professional help is just a phone call away? Here is a brief description of our industries in which we dealing.

Industries we deal in :
  • Polymers Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Agro Based Industries
  • IT Industry
  • Telecom Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Plastics industries

It is also known as working capital limit. This is generally advanced as stock funding against a company’s stock and debtors’ security, and is available on an interest only basis with the option to capitalize interest if required.


  • Separates business borrowing from personal borrowing.
    • You can protect your home and other personal assets whilst still accommodating your business requirements.
  • Immediate access
    • Irrespective of how it is to be used we can give immediate access to cash by adding to or replacing existing cash flow funding facilities.
  • Flexible and competitive pricing
    • We believe that you should only pay for what you use; not for what you can use. And we do not charge a line fee, a commitment fee or an undrawn fee.