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We provide the services for issuing Stand-By Letter of Credit which is used to assist while applying for a line of credit for your bank. We provide authentic SBLC’s that are backed by 100% cash. A Stand-By Letter of Credit acts as a collateral security option which is a secured form of lending. We are associated with issuers who use the topmost banks to provide the SBLCs. Our SBLCs are on a lease basis where you stand to be the beneficiary and we issue them for a time period of one year and one day which is extendable till five years. The SBLC gets transferred to your bank after it is issued. There are a few simple facts to be considered when applying for an SBLC and these are mentioned below.

  • Apply with a robust project in hand
  • On the basis of collateral support of an issued SBLC, a bank should be funding your project
  • Have substantial funding to pay for leased SBLC
  • Have proper options for repayment of loan and return of SBLC after the term ends

Why our SBLCs:
  • Fully assignable
  • Easy transfer
  • Associations with top banks
  • Good for all types of trade programs
  • Easy renewal option

Ideal for :
  • Building and Up gradation of Resorts
  • Development and Construction projects
  • Trade Programs
  • Company growth

Buyer’s credit is also referred to as financial credit. In this kind of a financial arrangement, a financial institution or bank extends a loan to foreign buyers. The loan is also extended to a bank in the importing country in order to bear the expenses for purchase of goods from the exporting country. It is beneficial to local importers since they can access cheaper foreign funds
For those indulged in the business at international level, our Foreign Currency Term Loans services are of profound importance. We help in getting Foreign Currency Bank Loan with such an ease with the team of our experts that our customers have always returned back to us with increasing demands in the expectation of getting them fulfilled. And you know what we never retracted! Such is our commitment to help you at every step of your business venture. And thus we are regarded as number one organization in the field of Foreign Currency Loan Services in India.

Our Foreign Currency Term Loans Service includes the following:
  • Unsecured Corporate Loans (For “AAA” rating corporate.)
  • Loan Syndication for Bigger Projects/Expansion Plan etc.
  • Working Capital, Term Loans from Banks
  • Takeover by Banks at lower rate of interest with enhance facilities.
  • Packing Credit Limit, Letter of Credit limit for Importer & Exporter
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Foreign Private Equity and Venture Capital.
  • Merger & Acquisition

Availed by:
  • Industrial units
  • Companies dealing in securities
  • Corporate giants
  • Small and medium business enterprises

We can help you with External Commercial Borrowing funding. We can organize debt fund in Foreign Currencies / Indian Rupees. We can arrange debt fund at astonishingly competitive rates. We adhere to the guidelines of the ECB. You can depend on us for arrangement of funds and clearance through RBI. We care about financial expansion. ECB includes bank loans, buyer’s credit, supplier’s credit, fixed rate bonds, floating rate bonds, etc.ecb borrowing
A Bank Guarantee consists of a Bank/Financial institution offering to repay a debtor’s liabilities in case the debtor fails to do so. We provide Bank Guarantee services for companies operating in various industries. We provide Bank Guarantee Services in a timely manner, while saving the clients from complicated paperwork. A Bank Guarantee can be issued by us for a period of one year and one day (minimum being 6 months) and can be extended till the time period of five years. Our Bank Guarantees are completely lienable, assignable and authenticated.

Why our Bank Guarantee Services?
  • Associations with top financial institutions
  • Highly experienced team
  • Speedy service
  • Efficient

  • A good project
  • Funding by a bank
  • Suitable repayment options by the debtor

Dealing with:
  • Automobile Industry
  • Construction
  • Aviation Industry
  • Aluminium Industry
  • Banking Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Polymers Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Software Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Telecom Industry

Bill discount is a financial service, where the Bank purchases promissory notes or drawn bills, from the domestic trade transactions, confirmed in particular with an invoice – with right of recourse to you – and credits you with the amount of the bill of exchange less discount interest and additional costs related to the bill, accrued in advance from the discount date to the bill payment term.